Why Give

There are many reasons you may choose to support ResponsiveEd schools. Perhaps,

  • You want to help provide equal access to a quality education.
  • You have or know children who attend one of our schools, and you can see firsthand the benefits of our unique education models.
  • You see your future in the virtuous students who are the promising young leaders of tomorrow.
  • You believe in the power of philanthropy – how your gifts, especially when combined with gifts of others, can create real opportunities, transforming the lives of our students as well as the world around them.

Whatever your reason for giving, your support helps The ResponsiveEd Foundation continue the growth of our ResponsiveEd schools. Your support helps us reach more students on their journey towards high school graduation, while also preparing them for college and/or the workforce. Federal and state funds cover only a portion of the cost of a traditional school, and ResponsiveEd offers more than a traditional school. We are committed to providing innovative, student-centered learning environments where we can meet the needs of each student.

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